Wet-N-Wavy, a division of BONFI, offers an entire line of hair care products for the maintenance of ALL human and synthetic hair types and textures.

Wet-N-Wavy Products were first produced in 1995. This brand originated as a premiere collection of maintenance items for extended wear styles using the wet and wavy hair type, known for its ease in care and maintenance whether used to achieve a short, medium or long hairstyle. It wasn’t until the 1950s that hair weaves grew interest, even at that time they were only worn by celebrities. During the disco era; however, hair weaves started to become widespread and popular. In the 1990s the wet and wavy hair weave market took on greater form.

The demand for our products grew exponentially because wearers of wet and wavy artificial hair integrations were refreshing their styles in the home and at salons with the use of water. Though this quick fix worked, its effectiveness was often temporary; furthermore, water use often made matters worse, especially if there was evidence of pre-existing damage caused by heat , friction, seasonality factors and over all wear and tear. Thus plain water decreased the overall useful lifetime of the hair purchased and style created.

The acronym BONFI stands for: Beauty of Natural Fiber Images. When the Wet-N-Wavy idea was first conceived, the vision was to prolong the life expectancy of commercial hair and extended wear styles. The desire was to design a product line that not only adds longevity, but actually compliments the hair and the customer’s TOTAL beauty concept. We formulated our products with special emollients, vitamins, proteins and conditioners that help preserve ALL natural, human

and synthetic hair, no matter what the type or texture. A fresh, clean fragrance was also added for deodorizing purposes. The main goal is to totally REVITALIZE our customer’s hair with Wet-N-Wavy products.

We take pride in our salon proven formulations, because professional stylists also use our products on the salon level to achieve long lasting effects and hair creations for their repeat clients. You can trust and depend on Wet-N-Wavy Products.